SOMERSET, Ky.Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Warner Fertilizer announces an exclusive collaboration with Partners Brand Seed, establishing Warner Fertilizer as the master distributor for corn and soybean seed across the state of Kentucky. This partnership underscores Warner Fertilizer’s commitment to expanding its product and service portfolio while fortifying its strategic growth initiatives throughout its nine-store network. Partners Brand Seed products will also be readily available through any of the 38 distributors scattered across Kentucky.

Warner Fertilizer Announces Exclusive Deal with Partners Brand Seed for Kentucky Distribution

In tandem with this significant partnership, Warner Fertilizer is actively pursuing collaborations with entities like Partners Brand Seed. Curtis Bradley, General Manager of the Somerset, Kentucky Branch emphasized, “Our vision extends beyond immediate horizons; we are positioned for long-term growth and expansion, and strategic partnerships are central to realizing that vision.”

A pivotal facet of the Partners Brand Seed agreement entrusts Warner Fertilizer with the management of packaging operations and the treatment of soybeans cultivated by Caverndale Farms in Danville, Kentucky. This pivotal role plays an integral part in ensuring Partners Brand receives a consistent supply of locally grown soybean seed.

The seed corn at the heart of this collaboration is grown in Howe, Indiana, the region’s largest seed production hub and the birthplace of Partners Brand seed corn. Warner Fertilizer reaffirms its commitment to championing local farming, ensuring growers have access to the finest resources.

“At Warner Fertilizer, our philosophy is straightforward: Successful cultivation is greatly facilitated with a knowledgeable partner,” the spokesperson remarked. “Selecting the right corn and soybean variety is a localized decision, and we understand that. We don’t merely supply; we nurture. We immerse ourselves in rigorous testing and growth efforts to produce corn and soybeans that resonate with the unique needs of specific soils.”

The company extends an open invitation to farmers and stakeholders to connect with their local Partners Brand seedsman. The aim is to provide tailored advice regarding the most suitable corn and soybean variants. The partnership between Warner Fertilizer and Partners Brand Seed offers an extensive array of choices, ranging from conventional to traited seeds, providing limitless options for growers.

For inquiries related to Warner Fertilizer’s extensive product portfolio, please contact Jeff Hawk at (606) 679-8484 or via email at The company’s mission remains steadfast: maximizing farmers’ yields per acre.

About Warner Fertilizer: Originating in Somerset, Kentucky, Warner Fertilizer has evolved into a trusted ally for farmers, providing top-tier fertilizers and agricultural essentials. Their enduring commitment to quality and relentless pursuit of growth have solidified their position as an industry stalwart. Warner Fertilizer’s Go & Grow Perks program is a farmer’s best friend, designed to celebrate your dedication to farming by rewarding your purchases of seeds, fertilizer, and the exceptional UltraBurn F20 diesel fuel. Experience the benefits of UltraBurn F20, which can boost your fuel mileage by up to an impressive 30%. Your commitment to farming deserves nothing less!

Warner Fertilizer Contact:
Jeff Hawk, Seed Representative
Cell: (606) 875-4102
Office: (606) 679-8484

About Partners Brand Seed: Partners Brand Seed Company, located in Howe, Indiana, is an independent seed company renowned for its diverse selection of high-quality seed corn. Collaborating with esteemed wholesale seed producer Lord’s Seed, Partners Brand Seed offers farmers a wide range of options, including conventional and traited corn hybrids, waxy and high-oil hybrids, economically priced classics, and unique High Row Count Hybrids (HRC). Their steadfast commitment to integrity, honesty, and fair pricing guarantees customer satisfaction and successful farming outcomes.



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